Born on the moon, raised on Mars, stuck on Earth, reaching for the Stars

With this tattooed on his chest, Stephen Voyce (formerly known as VOYCE*) -a multiple-award winning singer, songwriter and music producer- defines how he lives and more importantly the music he creates, by these words. When he began his career officially in 2010, he used it as a coping mechanism to deal with a tremendous pain he was living with, the pain of losing his mother. His quest to find his way out of this darkness drove him to record and create music that not only told his story, but allowed him to release his emotions, his demons.


voyce 2017


His emotionally charged music, raw and honest lyrics, and the vulnerability in his voice, became a staple of his identity. Every release found him freeing himself from his abyss and finding greater meaning to his music and life. Sharing his story became less about finding a personal solace and more about empowering those that listen to his art, about giving them hope and a will to truly live.

With 4 commercially released albums , countless singles and collaborations, awards and industry recognition, he now finds himself in a new chapter, a chapter that sees the artist filled with confidence and a readiness to tell a new story. Having recently re-branded from VOYCE* to Stephen Voyce, he no longer hides behind the mantle of his creations but instead now leads them, without fear and into uncharted territories.

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