‘Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle’ is Now Available

Voyce*’s 2nd studio album ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle’, the pseudo-sequel to his debut release ‘Alone In A Crowd: Angels | Demons’, is now available across digital platforms. This project, unlike its predecessor, which was produced by Voyce* himself, is produced by Sookz.

As previously stated by Voyce* whose real name is Stephen:

“While working on this album it became clear to me that while ‘Alone in a Crowd: Angels | Demons’ is a journey through Stephen’s mind, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: King of The Sand Castle’ is a journey through Voyce*’s. By the time I met Sookz, AiaC had been 3 years in the making and I was mentally exhausted and honestly lost. Voyce* was telling Stephen’s story and that emotional investment was starting to take a toll. Meeting Sookz in many ways saved me from myself, we instantly connected because we both articulated our emotions through our music. Him producing HiPS gave Voyce* a much needed break, allowing him to focus on his own story instead of Stephen’s for a moment. This is why I don’t see this album as a sequel but a tangential story arc. I know it’s strange to refer to myself or shall I say myselves in the third person, but that’s the only way to explain this.”

The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

Album Thanks Yous.

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