‘Prelude in MAJOR minor: Devil May Care’ is Now Available

‘Prelude in MAJOR minor: Devil May Care’, the 4th and final Voyce* album is now available across digital stores. The LP, which was released December 31st 2016, marks a pivotal moment in the artist’s career as it brings the Voyce* story to a close. What this means for the future of his career remains locked in his mind and a mystery to everyone else. In Voyce*’s words:

“Every great story began as an idea, an idea that persisted to be told. But like every story, in time it must be untold, so new ideas can be heard. But even as the words fade, the message is never forgotten.

This release is predominantly produced by Voyce*, but also features music produced by Sookz, who as with the 3 albums that precede it, also mastered it.

‘Prelude in MAJOR minor: Devil May Care’ is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc.




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