Album ‘Finding Serenity’ by Sookz is Now Available, Voyce* Featured in 7 Songs

Producer Sookz, longtime collaborator with Voyce*, released his album ‘Finding Serenity’ on July 19th 2016. The project which spans 17 songs featuring artists Jess Abran, Elle Ray, Hanorah, among others. Voyce*, who is featured in 7 of the album’s tracks had this to say about the LP.

“When writing for ‘Finding Serenity’ I wasn’t writing about Voyce*, I was writing about Sookz. He had helped me release my demons in my albums and I wanted to return that favor in kind. The way I see it ‘Finding Serenity’ served as his means to break free from the life he once knew, so he could begin a new journey and that feeling is very representative of the project.”

The album is available on iTunes.

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